Saturday, February 21, 2009

Come What May

It has been a while since I was first introduced to bareback sex but I was always very cautious to engage in them. But all that self control has been shattered when I met Mr.M. At first, our meeting appeared to be a simple no strings hook up. But I didn't realize that Mr. M had more plans for our meeting than what I imagined.

Mr. M met me on the corner of 14 Street and 3 Ave. He had very few words then he started walking away so I followed him. He walked into this apt with 5 or 6 naked white men playing with themselves. Since this was my first time ever being in a small group, I was very nervous and scared but at the same time, it was a bit exciting as well. Mr. M helped me to get undressed quickly and handed me a pipe. Since I have never smoked it before, I didn't know what to do. He told me to get on my knees and just inhale while he holds the light then go down as much as I can on his cock then blow it out. I did as I was instructed couple of times and started to feel a bit short of breath. But Mr. M kept on telling me to do more puffs. After the forth puff, I was completely lost. At that point, all I remember is Mr. M's stiff cock deep my throat and his eyes beamingly looking down at my stuffed face. He then made me crawl out to the middle of the living room and displayed how he has gained control over my body to other guys. I am not sure if he fucked my ass that night or not. All I remember were the eyes that were staring at me, some talks about my submissiveness, and Mr. M's voice lingering in my ears giving orders.

After few hours of exhibition, Mr. M told me to get dressed and we left the apt. Couple of the men that were watching us came up to me and tried to make a pass at me but for some reason all I could think about was Mr. M and how his body felt in me. So that was my initiation by Mr. M.

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